Technical Services

Lab Facilities

We strive to meet quality, research, and regulatory requirements and specifications. Our testing laboratories provide timely analytical services for customers. We continuously seek to enhance data quality and effectiveness & thus we implement the requirements of ISO 17025. Close at hand, we will accredit our chemistry & microbiology laboratories demonstrating our technical competencies and ability to produce precise and accurate test results.

Our labs are staffed with highly trained and experienced analysts skilled in operating testing equipment providing analysis on a wide variety of material types.


We provide one of the most comprehensive suites of technical consultancy services through aiding in planning & implementation of new projects. We offer our clients focused gap analysis & assessment services. This service helps our clients to eliminate the roadblocks by comparing actual performance to desired one. Our objective is to provide our clients with the knowledge needed to ensure their business processes are going well beyond expectations. We assist our clients in hiring high calibers by developing diverse applicant pools and identify top talents for open positions.

Moreover, our troubleshooting service provides our clients with in-depth analysis of current status to resolve their difficulties & build up skills needed by the industry. We deliver extensive, flexible training programs to help our customers in developing a workforce that is ready to meet any challenge and ultimately improve production and profits.


Total Solutions

MIFAD total solutions service is aimed to provide a professional and hassle free service to our clients.

Processes that don’t work well cause frustration, delays, and financial loss. Thus we guide our clients to streamline their processes to improve efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

No business can survive without innovating new products & satisfying rapidly-changing consumers needs. That’s why we assist our clients in developing new products & modifying current recipes.


R&D Pilot Plant

MIFAD offers an in house state of the art Pilot Plant to mimic production scale conditions and meet specifications that enable our customer to test and evaluate products made by our raw materials on a scale of 15-30kg per batch to ensure final productions quality and standards.

Applicable for doing milk, flavor milk, formulated milk, processed cheese, ice cream and juices.


Market Survey

We support our customers in making decisions by providing the utmost in accuracy, timely information and actionable results.  To further aid our customers in their decision making process, we commit ourselves to keep eyes on the latest advances providing competition analysis of different products & consumer feedback.

Our lab testing services is the backbone in analysis & gathering data.


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