We Add Little To Change A Lot

There are little things in life that make a difference. At MIFAD, we work on those little things that make your life exquisite and luscious with a touch of our high quality food additives.


Our vision is to add those little good things to your life and the lives of those around you, not only locally but also throughout the Middle East as well as to reach perfection in food using our solutions regarding taste, color, smell, mouthfeel, and texture.

We aim to be one of the most powerful dedicated high quality supplier of food solutions in the MENA “Middle East and North Africa”.


We dedicate ourselves to fulfill the local and MENA “Middle East and North Africa” markets with stable flow of high quality food additives.

Our core responsibility extends to supply our clients with comprehensive technical services in both food and non-food sectors, with ongoing research and development efforts to provide both markets with the latest innovations. It is our mission to keep developing, spreading and exceeding all limits.


Misr Food Additives since established was reinforced by a group of highly competent, well experienced food technologists in order to offer our clients with required technical assistance and services. Moreover, MIFAD has the advantage of being in an ongoing and direct contact with many of food raw material suppliers in Europe, America, and Asia . This gives MIFAD the virtue of being always updated with modern trends in its line of business.

Food Colors, an innovative department in our core business, where we deliver natural food colors and prepare blends from natural and/or synthetic colors for different applications in both water and oil bases.

Stabilizers, Blends, another special department, where we address different dairy products ranging from milk , flavored milk, fermented milk, set or stirred yogurts (plain, flavored), soft cheese, processed cheese, to wide variety of ice cream, sherbet and water ice.

Food ingredients

Have been used for many years to preserve, flavor, blend, thicken, and color foods which played an important role in reducing serious nutritional deficiencies while maintaining food safety among consumers. These ingredients ensure enjoyable experience of flavor, color, and taste to meet consumer expectations year-round.

Food and color additives are strictly studied, regulated and monitored. Health regulations require evidence that each substance is safe at the intended level of use in food.

Furthermore, all additives are subject to ongoing safety review as scientific understanding and methods of testing continue to improve. Consumers must feel safe about the food they eat.

Our story

Started as a breakthrough in food additives preparation technology. Not only we succeeded in proving ourselves but also we became a leading fast growing enterprise producing food additives according to international and local specifications.

Our products range from food colors, stabilizers, and blends to premixes in order to serve several food segments. We offer research and development services through our qualified team who are capable of serving ongoing development and offering new products and solutions to a wide range of food industries.

Putting in consideration supreme quality of our food additives and guaranteed services for our valued clients.